Chico, my inspiration and namesake of our company, was born in a North Dallas shelter in 2009. As I know many fellow pet owners can relate to, he thinks he is more human than dog. He loves to sleep under the covers, and always finds the softest spots to nap in. During the Fall of 2014, during one of our daily walks, Chico unexpectedly yelped for seemingly no reason. He progressed from some minor muscle spasms to immense, crippling pain. After several visits to the vet, he was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his neck that required a very involved surgery followed by 4 weeks of strict crate rest. It was during this time my motivation to create a trusted and caring pet sitting company came to mind. With my family out of town and my friends all working during the day,  I was in a pinch to find someone reliable to help me care for Chico’s post operative care while I was at work. I knew so many other people must be in similar predicaments,  and so “Chico & Chums” was born! 

MEET the owner: ALYSON keller

After 15 years as a public school teacher, I decided to pursue my other passion – helping four-legged children in addition to the two-legged ones! Throughout my life, I have always had an assortment of furry and feathered kids around – dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds – always a menagerie. My childhood friend and I actually started a pet sitting business when we were in elementary school! Little did I know many years later, my dream of helping people care for their animals would become a reality.

My goal is for you to be worry-free during those times when you have to be away from your furry loved ones. I know the stress and anxiety that results from not having a trusted individual to watch your pets, or the uneasy feeling that arises when you have to impose on your friends, relatives or neighbors each time you run late from work or have to go out of town. Rest assured, your pet will experience the most caring and dependable care they have known (aside from you of course!). We go out of our way to exceed your expectations, and we look forward to having you as one of Chico’s Chums! Give us a call today – we look forward to talking with you.

CHICO's chums

Sissy and Stubby

Sissy (white English Pointer mix) and Stubby (Corgi mix) were found as strays out in the oilfields of the Eagle Ford Shale south of San Antonio. They were skittish around humans at first, but they gradually warmed up to people, and are now the biggest hams around. The vets that administered their first two check-ups seemed to think Sissy may be Stubby’s mom, but as you can see, one is short and furry while the other is tall and short-haired.  They are inseperable, and along with Chico, make up quite a little pack. Sissy and Stubby had their fair share of medical problems when found. Stubby had heartworm and Sissy had a severe case of "cherry eye" that required two eye surgeries, but both are now as healthy as could be!

Gata and Eloise

Gata (gray) and Eloise (white) have been with me for a long time. Gata is 17 years young and Eloise is 13. Gata truly has more than 9 lives having had many adventures in her lifetime, and Eloise is a super sweet cat who sleeps the greater portion of every day. They both get along great with the dogs (although not always well with one another).  They balance out the pet family with their loud purrs and cat nudges.